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Event management
Protik is a well-known brand in the Albanian ICT sector with an extended network of collaborators. The center has its own large database of contacts and has gained an extensive experience in organizing events, with a key focus on building networking and partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Protik has organized thousands events in the format of conferences, training, workshops, meetings, product presentation, B2B meetings for the public and private sector. In addition, the center can guarantee high visibility of such events through Online Marketing channels (i.e.: Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Protik Website) and a dedicated team who will work closely to attain high quality of events.

Consultancy services
Protik Innovation Center can provide professional consultancy services such as project management, business development etc. The center will assist its clients to understand and adopt technologies, expand business by improving efficiencies, build capacity, and match ICT professionals to form partnerships. The center will provide linkages to consulting services for clients — whether individuals, startup companies or other expertise areas as management or ICT.

Project management and implementation
Protik, as a successful project implementer, has built a project management culture and expertise, in which projects are reflected in the strategic planning and are implemented to support the center’s strategic objectives. The center has increased its project portfolio by implementing ICT related projects, on time, within budget and without specifications.


The role of ICT in the education sector


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Tech Thursday/ Monitoring Technology


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